Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some Kind of Visitation

The album REVISITATION was a labor of love, for both ourselves and our fans. Early 2015 Death Requisite wanted to return to the studio, and we all agreed the time was right. We had been working on some newer material for some time, yet somehow we all knew we weren’t prepared to record those pieces and achieve everything we imagined. Usually, at this point, your only options are to do the best you can and accept what you end up with, or wait until you can obtain your objective and hope the world doesn’t forget about you in the meantime. In our case, we had a third option: REVISITATION.

The idea sat in the back of my mind for a while before I shared this with the others. Because we had been on hiatus prior to 2010 and returned with new material, we had a number of songs we performed before the break, and could perform again if we wanted to. In a conversation with a good friend, we had been somewhat reprimanded for having “unavailable” songs in our catalog. Sure there are demos and bootlegs from our early days floating around out there; but in short supply, and they would pale in comparison to a fully produced complete work that featured symphonic arrangements we had only dreamed of until a few years ago. In hindsight: it was a short meeting.

So we set aside everything else at the time, and began to re-learn, re-create, and re-produce these pieces. It was exciting to employ techniques we’ve learned to improve the production process, and use them to enhance these songs that energized us in the past; and to be re-invigorated was awesome. We allowed ourselves the freedom to update the song elements, experiment with new ideas, and even cut stuff we didn’t like anymore. The same was true for lyrical content as well as musical. We were very deliberate about our words, because we wanted to be sure that it was the truth and nothing was spoken in error (or as close as we could confidently say).

The title REVISITATION has a double meaning: first a ‘visitation’ is a divine and spiritual experience - and this is certainly a record full of spiritual subject matter (hope in death, humility, morality, brokenness, redemption, discipline, etc.). Next, REVISITATION also means to visit again, or a second time; which is exactly what Death Requisite has carefully and craft-fully done with every song on the album - revisited, revived, renovated, revamped, redeveloped, re-envisioned, REVISITATION!

Dave Requisite
Death Requisite

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Death Requisite 2013 - The Journey So Far

(Explanation: the following are Dave's answers to an interview that was never published.)

After approximately 5 years of inactivity, the urge for Death Requisite to reconvene and return to the world of metal was undeniable. Desirous as this was, it was not an easy decision for us. During most of our 5 year break, I had spent the majority of my time in devout study and meditation to cultivate a spiritual growth I had not known prior. Our primary concerns were whether or not it was the right time, and whether this was just something we wanted for ourselves, or was there a greater purpose. On this side of the decision it seems clear the time was right, and there was a personal purpose as well as a higher one.

The first musical result of DR’s reunion was “Prophets of Doom.” This album was birthed out a confidence that we had an important message for our current generation. The ancient prophets of Israel were known as “Prophets of Doom” because of the almost constant warnings of violence and judgment that would soon fall upon a wicked nation. Comparing the similarities of our current culture with that of their time, the words of warning are just as appropriate today as they were then. This is the modus operandi of that work, (and much of our material) to serve as a warning; not as judgment or criticism, but to raise awareness to the dangers we are preparing for ourselves.

While the message of the entire project is a word of caution, it is most specifically attributable to the title track. “Martyr’s Revenge” focuses more on the role of those murdered for their faith, and examines religious texts that describe their actions as members of an army who had transcended death, exacting vengeance on the behalf of the righteous in the last days. “Sorcerer” addresses the subject of witchcraft and the ‘dark arts’ from a spiritual perspective, and heeds against the dangers and consequences of exercising such practices.

The next chapter in Death Requisite’s history is “Second Death.” This title is a clever play on words, as a second death was prophesied for those “whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life”; and this is the second installment of the “Prophets of Doom” musical era. All of the songs recorded for “Second Death” had been prepared and performed along side the songs featured on the “Prophets of Doom” release.

The title track “Second Death” is a revised, re-imagined, and expanded performance of one of our first songs ever written; it serves as a very ‘metal’ reminder that there are consequences for everyone, and we all have a choice to make. “Eternal Immortal” is a very exciting collection of the hymns recorded in apocalyptic literature; while “Refuge of Lies” is a very bold admonition for those who choose to live in self delusion. Included on this release is our first recorded instrumental track entitled “Foreboding Horizon;” which is of great interest to me, as it is a musical interpretation of a very vivid and memorable dream I once had, which centered on a frightfully perilous storm sweeping across the land.

We tend to operate under the assumption that most of our current audience only know of us from 2010 and on; it’s not often discussed anywhere that we were a group formed in 1999, who decided to go on hiatus in 2005. It would have been nice if we were able to draw more advantage from our past successes, but the appeal to earn our own merits in the current metal scene is attractive as well.
Earlier we had the advantage of a thriving local scene for which the only social network was a personal and physically interactive exchange amongst those in attendance; more of our support was local back then; even our record deals were from local companies. Today we market worldwide along everyone else on networks like Facebook, ReverbNation and YouTube; it’s not as exciting, but we’re still reaching people with our music.

It has long been a desire of ours to record what we would refer to as the pinnacle of our work; we are currently investing a great deal of time, thought, personal finance, and effort into preparing for what we hope to be our finest offering. As is the case for most every band, we feel more accomplished and closer to our dream with each new release; but we have had our collective mind’s-eye on this next album for years.

Tentatively titled “ApokalypsisDeath Requisite is currently writing and pre-producing a full length, heavy-metal, re-telling of eschatological prophecies, from the perspective of those who will be participants in the events themselves.  Musically and lyrically, this is intended to be the culmination of everything we have done up until now; and we aim to make this the most intensive and immersive extreme metal experience anyone has ever produced. That may sound like a lot to boast, especially for an underground band, but that is honestly what we are striving achieve.

Please continue to enjoy and share our material as much as possible. We are counting on the support of our audience to make these dreams a reality; we write metal that we enjoy, but without the support of others it goes nowhere. DR acknowledges that we are not the most productive metal act in terms of recordings or shows, but we are serious about the music we create; and we aren’t finished yet. It is our hope: that the metal community will continue to embrace us, that more people find and enjoy what we bring to the world of heavy metal, and that we will all continue this journey together.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Second Death - Studio Report

Well this was, without a doubt, the most unusual recording experience so far, for both myself and the group. Literally 2 days before we were scheduled to begin, William was shipped off on a business trip, only to be run over by an unmanned-renegade forklift while he was away. Miraculously, Will still managed to record his drum parts just a weak or so later. Because of the change in production schedule, band member availability was all askew; not once were all members present in the studio together (usually 1 or 2), and 5 days of recording were spread out over the course of 2 months.

Due to scheduling conflicts, our bassist Cuinn found himself "waiting" (asleep on the sofa) and recording during the mornings after working a "night shift" (performing with a cover band 'til 3AM). The song maps and scratch tracks were set up 2 days after the initial start date, but 2 weeks before any other work was done. Both bass & rhythm guitar were recorded to click track prior to drum track editing (drums sometimes muted); and it was 6 weeks before lead guitars and vocals were added.

Another surprising element was my personal equipment limitations. We've only recently begun to incorporate midi instruments in our music; we used live keyboards for all previous recordings. I have been implementing a learn-as-we-go approach, which in two instances required that I go without playback and direct the instrumentation in silence, guided only by a mental metronome & a memory of the sequence. At another point in the process, a failure to anticipate equipment needs had me driving all over Seminole and Clearwater for 2 hours only to find that I could not acquire what was needed; putting that part of the project on hold.

All that being factual; what is also true is that Death Requisite has never allowed obstacles to prevent us from achieving our goals. Thanks to some perseverance, diligence, lots of flexibility, and faithful friends: "Second Death" (Prophets of Doom, the other half) is not only becoming a reality, its shaping up to be our best release to date.

Our friend and Producer/Engineer Kelly Scott Nunn really showed up in big ways; not only in loaning his talents and sharing his awesome studio (SoundSource Recordings), but also by working with our schedule issues and making himself and his professional resources available when we needed them. We have much respect and lots of appreciation for Kelly, who never gave us any grief about our obstacles and maintained a professional and positive "can-do" attitude throughout the entire process.

Some other highlights worth knowing: thanks to technology and equipment upgrades and improvements, in the band and at the studio, the sound of "Second Death" is sure to be amazing. The best drum tones we have ever had, 3 hot LTD guitars, and some great amps are just a few of the offerings that help to make this next release a brutal but delightful sonic assault. The music parts are well thought out; the lyrics are very deliberate and "in-your-face"; the vocals are delivered with passion; and the whole project was pursued with intensity. Nearing completion, we are very pleased with the results, and we hope you will be as well.

- Dave Requisite..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prophets of Doom - New Music from Death Requisite

Hailing from Sarasota Florida, the current new inception of Death Requisite, re-forged in December 2010, witnesses the return of Dave "Requisite" Blackmore on guitars & William Lee on drums, along with new members, Cuinn Griffin on bass guitar, & Tyrannus on vox. In summer 2011, the band members felt a universal desire to record an album & consequentaly entered SoundSource Recordings in Seminole, Florida; calling upon the help of some old friends with previous & current success & accreditation in the metal industry. Kelly Scott Nunn (former guitarist of Underoath, Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, & Further Seems Forever) handled co-production & engineering, while his brother Al "Asgrim" Nunn (Immanifest, Shadow Society, Yeti, Royal Anguish) provided the album artwork & offered his keyboard talents. The final manifestation of the joined forces is Death Requisite's 3 track mini release,"Prophets of Doom", which is now available as a digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon & various other online music merchants, or it can be purchased directly from DR as a slim-case CD.

For fans of extreme, black, gothic, doom, epic, viking, folk, progressive, brutal death, melodic, technical, symphonic, & orchestral metal genres among others; If you're bored with the core & it's true metal you seek, this is for you! For booking, contact Death Requisite at or

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Death Requisite Returns in 2010

"The first requisite for immortality is death"- Stanislaw Lec
In the land of southwest Florida, a beast is rising out of the swampy abyss. Death Requisite has resurrected from it's 2005 hiatus, returning to invoke a metal revival that seeks to restore the Florida metal scene to it's former glory -May the sound of metal resonate in the death metal capital of Central Florida once more! While not claiming to 're-invent the wheel' musically speaking, Death Requisite remain a unique & original band; rather than conforming or limiting themselves to only one sub-genre of metal, they have morphed the most extreme & potent metal genres together into one cohesive, brutal blend they have self-proclaimed as their own brand called "Hybrid Metal." The outcome is an extremely diverse style, an unrelenting sonic assault on the ears; Organic & primitive, yet still a clean, quality sound consisting of primal, animalistic vocals, furious blast beats nearing 300bpm, a strong, notable bass presence, hauntingly atmospheric & ethereal keyboards, lightning speed tremolo riffage & guitar solo's, technical tapping, hammer-ons, & finally, bass sub-drops & bone-crunching breakdowns that dare to rival the "Core" scene. Metalheads who prefer to exchange the more generic American sound in favor of the more extreme Scandinavian/European & Middle Eastern-sounding metal projects, will likely appreciate what these iron-clad titans from Florida's metal melting pot contribute to keep metal alive. Keep a weather eye on the metal horizon; Death Requisite is a band that will surely appear on your metal radar & should likely find a home in your music library. For booking, contact Death Requisite at or